Mame Who?

mame bw 2014Hey. I’m Mame.
Mamie. Mamela. Mom.
Mrs. Punk Zirro.
I write stuff.

twitter: @MameZirro

This is 2015:

  • Edit, polish & submit existing work
  • Write one great poem or story every week
  • Edit the novel (or stab myself in the eye repeatedly with sharpies. Same difference.)
  • Land a paying gig
  • Learn more French
  • Learn more vector graphic design techniques

I think those last two are writing goals. No idea why. I haven’t actually planned a francophilic graphic novel.


20 thoughts on “Mame Who?”

  1. You made my day. I was already pleased that you found my site – so I checked out yours (terrific ‘about’ page, btw). Imagine my excitement when I start poking around your blog and off to the right I see a link to a post I wrote. You made my day (did I say that already?). Thanks.


  2. Good luck! Self-publishing is not very difficult, mostly it’s about format cleansing and editing. Self-promotion…that takes some work. It’s hard to get used to constantly mentioning your books, or where they are available. It’s much more fun to write the next one than promote the current one! Oh, and my books are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Booya! Pitch delivered!


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