Blue Magic

We are moving.

So instead of writing, or blogging, or even just being, I have been decluttering, packing, and donating many carloads of memorabilia.

Mom probably thought she was doing me a favor by giving me boxes upon boxes of old photos, notebooks, report cards and train stubs. But it’s been an emotional few weeks going through closets full of who I used to be.

Today I found a couple of old stories. One was written at the tender age of 8, in which I imagined (a tad over-enthusiastically) that my sister had been eaten by a tiger at the zoo.

Another, written at age 10, had me envisioning a poor helpless witch who discovers a blue potion and snoops around to find out how its creator activated it. She says the magic words and finds her home transformed into a cute, clean cottage, and transported to a much nicer village “where everyone knows each other and says hello to one another.”

It’s good to know I am still that 10 year old girl. Loves blue. Loves magic. Dreams of a cute, clean, small home in a friendly neighborhood.

This was in my drafts folder from May 2014. Not sure why I never hit publish then! But it makes me happy that I was a writer even way back when I didn’t know it yet.

FYI, we ended up not moving. How’s that for an anticlimactic ending? =)


5 thoughts on “Blue Magic”

  1. You know I used to be so loyal to blue for most of my life but suddenly, not so many years ago my loyalty expanded to the palette that starts at chartreuse and ends in magenta… (reminded me of an episode in Blue’s Clues about colors of the rainbow)… they say that to know what you should dedicate your life to you just have to look back into your childhood and remember what you enjoyed doing then…big hug, alexandra, always a pleasure reading you 🙂


    1. My childhood always brings me back to writing, poetry and art. 😊 I Like your palette emanating out from blue! Interestingly, when I got married 15 years ago, I decorated our home in Orange. The exact opposite of blue! (Orange is my mother’s color. I had no idea who I was.) it has occurred to me recently, mainly because the Orange sofas need replacing, that I have a strong desire to buy blue ones. As always you are one step ahead of me on the path, so perhaps next year I’ll be adding chartreuse and magenta accents to my new BLUE lounge!

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      1. Oooohhh!! I’d luv to see a pic of that fab decor… You know, the experts recommend we start by adding the new colors in the decorative pillows, cushions, throws and from there decide what color to highlight by adding it in a more focal point of the room… Right now, I’ve got my eye on chartreuse for the ‘accordion’ door that leads from my gray/taupe/white kitchen to the laundry room…. Oooh, the idea makes my heart race with excitement… What a pop if colour that would be! POP!!! Xoxo sweetheart, happy decorating 🙂


  2. “… going through closets of who I used to be.” I love that. And how wonderful to discover those stories written by who you were that shout out who you would become. Here’s to more adventures and syories along the way. And as for anti-climactic endings, sometimes the best journeys lead us back to exactly where we are.


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