Analog holiday

To read or to write, that is the question. I guess I’ve shown my preference over the past six weeks!

I had the most wonderful ANALOG holidays. 18 days in sunny Florida in the most perfect condo: simple, quiet, comfortable, walking distance to a library and a pool, and NO WIFI.

No emails. No news updates. No facebook.

And no blogging.

Sure, wifi was available at the library, but did I post anything?


I surfed a lot of blogs, but left my own unattended like a fairy tale baby in the woods.

The real question is: do we prefer speaking or listening?

I’d rather listen.

Core to my being is the fundamental belief that what others have to say is more interesting, more important, than what I have to say. I’d rather learn than spout what I already know. I see little gain in speaking, yet infinite possibilities in what you have to say.

What if you have a great new story/poem/anecdote to share?

What if you’ve learned a life lesson about a topic I struggle with?

What if you’re spouting nonsense, but it triggers an idea for me?

Who knows what you’ll come up with, and when? I don’t want to miss that.

So even after the 18 days were up and I came home to the frozen tundra that is home, I haven’t blogged.

Ideas for post topics surface everyday. Sometimes every five minutes. But there’s a world beyond the screen. Husband and projects, children and books, cupcakes and friends, parties and conversations, stories and poems, paint and fabric, writing and editing and submitting…

When I find myself unexpectedly offered a few minutes of free time to get online, I’d rather read than write.

Anyhoo, what in the world is Morton’s Fork?

According to Wikipedia:

“A Morton’s Fork is a specious piece of reasoning in which contradictory arguments lead to the same (unpleasant) conclusion. It is said to originate with the collecting of taxes by John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury in the late 15th century, who held that a man living modestly must be saving money and could therefore afford taxes, whereas if he was living extravagantly then he was obviously rich and could still afford them.”

I don’t remember that from The Canterbury Tales, do you?


4 thoughts on “Analog holiday”

    1. Yeah! Not sure what you like, but The Silkworm is a pretty fun detective story by Robert Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowling. Although I’m kind of tired of “pube-like” being the go-to description of the dude’s hair. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer was fun/weird in an unfinished way. And Hilary Mantel’s The Assassinstion of Margaret Thatcher is unbelievably good!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ew, I’d hate to be the guy whose hair is “pube-like.” Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out. I like a variety in my reading 🙂


  1. Morton’s Fork, like a lose-lose situation? I also prefer to read than to write, and there are times when both challenge my recovering brain so then I paint 🙂 today you fed my brain a delicious morsel of extraordinary info, yum!!! Thank you Mame sending you many warm hugs , dear friend! Ale


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