Do you see her much?

Rosalind Russell, Auntie Mame, c. 1958

“Agnes!” I hope she hears my smile. “How’s rehab?”
“Fine, dear… I… got your note.” She chokes. “I thought nobody noticed I’d gone.”
My throat tightens. “Oh, Aggie.”
“You’re it, kid.”
Emotion passes.
“I’m dying for a martini. Lunch?”

Inspired by a recent phone conversation with a fabulous, not-to-be forgotten old friend. If you notice someone’s MIA, please send a note or call. A few minutes of your time means the world to her.


5 thoughts on “Do you see her much?”

    1. Ah, the gargle blaster and I were not meant to be. Last week I was the 42nd (just made it in — yes!) then got a note that I’d done it wrong (kicked out! Poo.)
      Anyway! There really are some killer pieces of flash there. Thanks for liking mine =)


      1. Don’t give up! Keep coming back! And if you have time and interest, check out other challenges. (Assuming you haven’t already done so…) 🙂


    1. We all get wrapped up in ourselves sometimes. I often think of people and wonder how they are, then end up doing nothing to reach out. But I’m trying to change that. It’s always nice when someone does it for me! =)


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