Ade A Love StoryAdé: A Love Story
by Rebecca Walker

This book is tiny– just over 100 pages. I read it not because it’s my favorite genre (I tend to run from the words “love story”) but because I had to see what a 100 page novel looks like.

Walker’s book is written in the form of a memoir, and apparently it is quite biographical— which makes it pretty heartbreaking.

For a big chunk of the book, I kept wishing for more setting, more description, more than a few lines per love scene. Where is Lamu? What does it look like? What does Adé sound like? I kept feeling disappointment at being left out.

In the end, I cried. Not only because the parting scenes were so exquisitely wrought, but because my longing for more seemed to echo Farida’s. I wanted to know: what happened? What was the fallout? Why did she never go back? And then I realized, she, too, wishes she knew the answers. She, too, was allowed a glimpse of something she longed for but was denied.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss this little gem. Appreciate the tiny portion offered. Just be prepared to remain hungry for more.


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