Amazon’s 100 books

Another list of 100 to read has been unleashed on the world, this time from Amazon.

Think all book lists are the same? Think again. This one’s got Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


This is a dude’s booklist. Nearly three-quarters of the material here is written by male authors. Lots of male protagonists, too. And a lot of the stuff chosen is the DUDE-est but not necessarily best of the authors’ works.

By DUDE-est I mean sportiest/dirtiest/sexist(or sex-riddled)/most infuriatingly-casual-protagonist-est/fightingest/drunkest… You get the idea. I bet a lot more men than women will be impressed.

Here’s the lifetime: Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar give baby boys a solid footing.

Bigger boys slay their dragons with Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, ogle some graphic novels, then figure out who they are with Jeffrey Eugenides and John Green.

Ready for cigarettes and booze? Get angsty On The Road.

Go through your dirty old man phase with Portnoy’s Complaint.

To be fair, I’ve read and liked a lot of the books on this list. And I’m decidedly female. I’ve also tried to read quite a few of them and could not finish. Too manly for me, I guess. And I should point out that Pride and Prejudice is here, sticking out like an accidental flash of petticoat. But a nice choice, I suppose, for the dude who wants to impress the ladies. Overall, a nice random (or MANdom) list is great for reading recommendations for my own dude troupe and a bit of pot-stirring.

Back in my heady work-three-jobs-to-pay-for-school days, I carried a similarly hodge-podge list in my bookbag. Whenever there were a few minutes to spare, I’d pop into the library and pick up something new to read, no browsing required.

These days I lavish hours on library visits. But I still have a list:


If the testosterone levels get too high for you at Amazon, check it out.


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