10 Valentine’s Day gifts for writers

Valentine Gifts for writers

  1. DivaLife I Love You Chocolate Book
    Coffee Brownie. Earl Grey. Orange Blossom. YES, PLEASE.

  2. Storyteller wine
    Fall in love with names like “Ever After” and “Once Upon a Time.”
    ~$15-20 USD

  3. Writer’s Block wine
    Featuring Shakespeare, for the classics lover.
    $16-17 USD

  4. Acronym wine
    $16-20 USD

  5. Bookish England Ampersand Necklace
    Who doesn’t love &?

  6. La Poême parfum
    Let’s face it. Writers don’t always shower as often as they should.

  7. Prologue Tea Co. Literature Inspired Teas
    Gatsby, Wonderland, Lolita and more.

  8. Book plates for the library
    Custom made with your (book) lover’s name.
    $90 for 125.

  9. Book plates for the table
    We don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day and I want these.
    From $21.

  10. Book book laptop case
    Punk has one! Very sexy for typing romantic emails.


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