not yet

happy springs yellow through

cottontail what do you see

daring deep blue hope

when will white wink

her when.not.if farewell

not yet
not yet

little moon rabbit leaves

his tell tale along

nibble.edged remember

when will earthworms raindance

and robin plan her expect

not yet
not yet

A work in progress, inspired by one of my favorite poets, E E Cummings, who probably loved snow more than I do.

Daily Prompt: Copies


4 thoughts on “not yet”

  1. You captured cummings (one of my favorites, too) very well. That “homo ludens” aspect is well at play here. Bravo for the helluva good universe you’ve created in “not yet”–wish I could give it more likes than 1! 🙂


    1. Homo ludens! I haven’t heard that phrase in a long time =*)
      I always “played” with words as a kid. Discovering Cummings was like finally having a friend join in my game.
      Thanks for the kind comment. I don’t know if I or anyone can ever match his talent, but it’s fun to try!


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