Too legit to submit

If we did all the things we are capable of,
we would literally astound ourselves.
— Thomas Edison

Last week was productive. I’ve kept up with most of my goals, and there are about 100.

Yeah, it’s too many, but I’m doing them! Exercising, learning French, teaching, writing, graphic design, laundry— I even have clean toilets.

But there’s one goal I have not met. I have yet to send out a story or poem anywhere, and I promised myself two rejections a week. I can’t get rejected if I don’t submit my shit.

So tomorrow I’ll owe myself 8. What’s the problem? Red tape.

I hate looking through submission guidelines. This mag wants 3 poems, that one wants 5. This journal accepts no more than 6000 words, that one accepts no less. This website allows simultaneous submissions, that one doesn’t. They want your name, they don’t want it. They’ll contact you, or they won’t.

I just want to write stories.

I stink worse than the south end of a north bound pole cat at keeping track. So now I have to add goal number 101: figure out a method that works. Hopefully that won’t require figuring out 1000 ways that don’t.

It’ll be literally (you know, I think old Thomas Alva meant figuratively) astounding if I do it.

I worked up this basic submissions tracking sheet last year, so until I come up with something better it’ll have to do.

Got a system that works? Do tell!

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

3 thoughts on “Too legit to submit”

  1. Mame, you and I mostly do the same things, clean toilets and all, though you’re looking for rejections to your writing while I am looking for rejections to my paintings, however, I can’t get rejected if I don’t paint, right!!! but since my sensitive ego can’t take rejection then I just occupy my time in teaching, there if they reject me THEY flunk, not me, jejejeee… sending you good vibes in finding a system and if you don’t, then just go crazy submitting and later you’ll go crazy getting published!! huge hug, Alexandra


  2. I LOVE organizing stuff. Rules, forms, all the like. I wish I could “share” my love for that stuff with you!
    I think you hit it on the head though – you just want to write. Which I think is fabulous.
    Is there any way to group some of the things you’ve already written – by word ct etc – and send in the submission to the best fitting place? This is probably a terrible idea but just throwing it out there. (:


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