Sherman Crunchley

ShermanCrunchleyCall me Sherma.

That’s how much I identify with Sherman Crunchley, the protagonist of the 2003 children’s book by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans.

Sherman is a police officer. Only he doesn’t like being a police officer. He likes hats.

But Sherman is afraid to tell his dad, the latest in a long, long, long (you get the idea) line of Crunchleys to hold office as Biscuit City Chief of Police, that he doesn’t want the job.

Sherman checks out "How to Say No"
Sherman checks out “How to Say No”

When Sherman finds out he’s next in line to wear the Chief of Police badge, he naturally heads to his local library to find a solution.

Will he be able to say no?

Will he follow his passion and do what he was born to do?

Find out! Don’t say no to this agreeable book.

Positively therapeutic for any people-pleasing child or codependent adult who fears saying “No.”


2 thoughts on “Sherman Crunchley”

  1. I’m not sure how to respond. That’s cute? Way to figure it out? I’ll bet he either finds joy in the job, and it’s teaching kids a job is a job, or he leaves and becomes a barber like he always dreamed, teaching kids to acquire their dream job.

    Either way, be yourself 🙂 Says the guy in that same position.


    1. I love seeing myself in a book, even if it’s a kids’ book. Sherman looks in all kinds of crazy places for help, and of course none of them work, and that is SO ME. But in the end he finds the strength WITHIN. He is true to himself. If a little cartoon dog can do it, we can, too!



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