The Year of the Novel

From my about page:

This is the year. These are the goals:
• Write 500 words 5 days/week 3 hours/day
• Write a novel in six 9 (?) months
• Polish and submit at least one piece
• Learn how to make killer PDFs
• Learn e-publishing
• Chronicle the steps and missteps along the way; otherwise I will forget

How did I do?

  • Definitely averaged 3 hrs/day writing
  • Did NOT finish the novel in 6 months. Or 9. (12? It’ll be close!)
  • I did submit some stuff. Nothing published. Yet.
  • I made PDFs. No one was killed.
  • E-publishing. Nope. Put that cart back behind the horse, please.
  • I’ve chronicled. And forgotten most of it anyway.

I also did a lot of other stuff, like teaching, graphic design, laundry, newspaper articles, a ginormous play, public speaking, parenting, rebuilding a marriage, blogging. And I missed some things I used to do a lot of, too. Especially art. I’ve gotten rusty! Making Christmas gifts the past few weeks has been like catching up with an old friend who remembers our inside jokes but I don’t.

Writing a novel was a good goal and a great education. I learned some techniques that work for me, and some that didn’t. And writing everyday has vastly improved my ability to articulate. So even though I join the ranks of those who bury/incinerate/deny having ever written their first book, I’m thrilled to have something so hideous to hide in my bottom drawer.

Now on to next year’s goals. This is 2014:

  • Get up an hour early
  • 1000 words/day
  • 100 rejections (2/week)
  • Edit and polish existing work
  • Write the “back burner” poem & story ideas I’ve been jotting down all year
  • Edit the novel
  • Learn French
  • Learn more graphic design techniques

I think those last two are writing goals. No idea why. I haven’t actually planned a francophilic graphic novel.


11 thoughts on “The Year of the Novel”

  1. You can do it! Yeah, publishing was on my list of things to do this year, but not quite. But the awesome thing about years is there isn’t just one! 😀 Good luck on this coming year.


  2. Oh my ! I shall definitely steal- I mean borrow that goal list idea, it might be good for me to go step by step and to write down those steps instead of going head first !
    Ps: I like that next to last goal, though I have no idea why… *smiles sheepishly*


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