Love scares me.

My broken heart
Bleeds bitter black
From pain I can’t face
Old weight is in place
Heavy on my back
Pushing me down
Face to the ground
Rocks gash my cheeks
The answers I seek are
Nowhere to be found
I turn around
And there you are
Is that a smile or a sneer?
Blinded by fear I don’t know
Who you are
You reach out a hand
To heal or to harm I don’t know
I don’t trust your charm
As closer you inch
I flinch
You reach for the weight
To help? To strike me down?
I lash out, strike first
You never had a chance
To make amends
Become a friend
I’ll never know
What you intended to show
I place your heart fresh cut
In your hand held out
Don’t ever say I gave you nothing
You just never saw it coming

Daily Prompt: Fright NightWhat’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?
I’m scared to love. Scared to give it, scared to receive it, scared I’ll blow it, scared I won’t know it. Found this poem written sometime in the past year. The fact that I’m still here says I am doing it.

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