7 things punctuation will do for you that a man won’t


Show emotion! Drama! Surprise! Excitement! Outrage! Exclamation points get the point when your man does not.


Ask questions. How can I love you today? What would you like? What are you thinking about? Question marks open the door to conversation and camaraderie. Men leave the bathroom door open when they use the toilet. Not the same thing.

“ ”

Talk. Men think grunting counts. Nope. Grunts do not require quotation marks. They are not dialogue.
Men think you should know they love you by the way their tongues hang out of their mouths or because they whistle or grab your butt when you walk by. Wrong on all counts. Drooling, whistling and butt-grabbing do not require quotation marks. They are not dialogue, nor are they adequate replacements for dialogue.
If you want to impress your lady today, present her with a bouquet of your own words, wrapped in elegant quotation marks.


Tell you where they’re at. Or where they’ve been. Or where you can find them when you need them.

 / and &

Men don’t understand emotional multitasking, but punctuation knows you can feel two things at one time. Punctuation gets this so well, in fact, it has TWO ways of getting the job done. Love/hate. Happy&sad. Laughing/crying. Yes&no. Sweet/salty. Now&later.

,   :   ;   –   ( )  —  . . .

Punctuation has all sorts of ways of accommodating your ability to string together a succession of unlimited thoughts.
Go ahead— gather: several related ideas, contrasting ideas, and/or (thank you, Punctuation!) contrasting/related ideas; connect the dots between what your man is saying and how he must be feeling (he needs your help; the male brain, when in a relationship, short circuits easily from punctuation overload); demonstrate how today’s actions are a telltale microcosm of the larger picture of your entire lives together; arrange all elements together in an epic paragraph that goes on for days. Punctuation can handle it.
Your dude? Not so much.


Men are physically incapable of understanding your period. It’s outside the realm of their experience. But punctuation has even more periods than you do. It knows what a life sentence it is.

PunctuationHeart Muted

Ah, punctuation. I think I’m in love.

Today’s Daily Prompt: Reading Material: How do you choose what to read? I will always click on fun titles, celebrations of writing & grammar, and relationship advice.


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