The Secret Keeper

SecretKeeperThe Secret Keeper
by Kate Morton

I knew when I read The Secret Keeper, it’d be my mother-in-law’s cup of tea, so it was fun a couple of weeks ago to finally hand it over and watch her read it. I really enjoyed refusing to answer her questions, making her read and find out for herself, and finally share in her excitement when the mystery was solved.

It’s a nice, light mystery– more for fans of Agatha Christie than Stephen King. Morton has great pacing, and as the chapters move between different characters and times in history, you’re propelled forward at a pleasant clip. You’re intrigued, never horrified.

It’s one of those stories where you think you know the outcome (and you’re happy with it because in spite of quirks and flaws, you like these characters and feel satisfied that they deserve the resolution you see coming) but then something different happens that you like even better. Instead of being merely satisfied with the ending, you feel rewarded. Like you’ve been served an unanticipated dessert of dark chocolate mousse-filled ganache cake topped with sweet vanilla-laced whipped cream clouds, when all you asked for was a coffee.

A special thanks to Kristen Otte, who generously sent me this book. I won it in a contest on her blog that I didn’t even realize I had entered! (All I did was comment on another book she recommended, The Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness, which my son said was probably the best story he’s ever read.)

Check out Kristen’s latest reviews. She’s got great taste in books, as well as awesome advice for writers. I wonder if she has any chocolate ganache recipes…


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