ODDtober Eve

‘Twas the last of September
And a scream split the night,
For none could remember
Such terrible fright
As would happen tomorrow
At ODDtober’s first light–
The ghost posts are coming.
Just try to sleep tight.

Happy ODDtober Eve, mortals.

Tomorrow is the first day of the inaugural WriteMyBrainsOut Blog Event:


I’ll be posting spooky, screamy, Halloweeny stuff every other day all month long. Join me . . . or die.

We’re really doin’ it, buddy! Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll post (every other) daily ODDtober posts, which will be up by 9 AM (EST) each ODD day.
  • Post your offerings of ghoulery on ODD days in October.
  • Display the linky badge to show you’re participating.
  • Link in the comments to my odd-day ODDtober posts.
  • Tag your posts #ODDtober so we can find them.
  • Visit each other’s blogs.
  • Like and comment on your favorites.
  • If you’d like to write a guest ghost post, email me: writemybrainsout@gmail.com

So far it’s the invisible listing on the Blogging Events page at WordPress, so this place could be a graveyard tomorrow. It’s an ODD way to kick things off, but

So help me snakes on Medusa’s head,
If I’m not here blogging, I’ll die ’til I’m dead.


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