Blogging Events are in the WordPress News.

I’ve never been trick-or-treating in my life, have no idea what the allure is, but that doesn’t stop me from buying big bags of chocolate every October. (It’s on sale; I don’t want to lose money on this.)

I’ve also never hosted an event, have no idea what I’m doing, but hey, we’re here to learn and have fun, right?

Here’s my idea— next month, in honor of all things horrific and Halloweeny, I will post something spooky, scary, macabre or just plain odd every other day starting the 1st of ODDtober.

I even (not odd) made a badge:


It’s clickable (over there, too   – – – > )

Grab it for your sidebar!

Do you dare play along?


  • Post your offerings of ghoulery on ODD days in October.
  • Link in the comments* to my daily ODDtober posts, which will be up by 9 AM (EST) each ODD day.
  • Tag your posts #ODDtober so we can find them!
  • Visit each other’s blogs.
  • Like and comment on your favorites.
  • If you’d like to write a guest ghost post, email me: writemybrainsout@gmail.com

I’ll throw out a few original odds and end, along with some spooktacular finds from literature, songs, movies, art, and real life  (woooooo)  … but mostly I’m looking forward to your tricks and treats.

Anything creepy, crawly, subversive, weird— post it and link up. It’ll be devilish good fun.

*Unless I figure out a pro link-up set-up, but I can’t be expected to learn HTML and linky party whatnot in the same day. I’m busy trying on my wicked witch of the west socks.


2 thoughts on “ODDtober”

  1. Sounds like a really fun idea! Not sure what I could post aside from some spooky flash fiction every once in a while. This sounds really cool though 🙂

    Also, I like the badge. The HTML is just a link so when people click the code it opens up the badge in Photoshop. So you can take the code out, if you’d like. Hopefully you get a lot of participants for the event!


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