Little Free Library

LOVE the hand-painted artistry.
Hand-painted, can you believe it? A lot of book love went into this little gem!

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this all summer. It’s a Little Free Library! We found it perfectly located at a little free park, on the path to a little free beach where my little free spirits like to swim.

Doesn’t it remind you of “the P.C. and P.O.” from Little Women?

I have set up a post office in the hedge in the lower corner of the garden, 
a fine, spacious building with padlocks on the doors and every convenience for the mails,
also the females, if I may be allowed the expression. 
It’s the old martin house, but I’ve stopped up the door and made the roof open, 
so it will hold all sorts of things… Letters, manuscripts, books

—Laurie, aka “Sam Weller” of the Little Women’s Pickwick Club

Close-up. This has got to be the cutest LFL.
Close-up. This has got to be the cutest LFL.

At first we thought it was the local library’s clever idea, but it’s actually kind of a ‘thing.’
A big thing, too– thousands of these have popped up in front yards all over the globe, hosted by regular old bookworms like you and me.

There was even a contest to design unique book houses in NYC. (Houzz has an article with cool pictures: Little Free Libraries Take Manhattan.)

Even the back is amazing. Wish I knew the artist's name!
Even the back is amazing. Wish I knew the artist’s name!

Ah, New York. If I still lived there, I’d totally host one. In the mean time, I’m inspired to contribute some fun titles to make sure this box stays well stocked.

“As a means of promoting friendly relations between adjoining [neighbors],” I’m quite sure Mr. Lawrence and the March sisters would find this “a capital little institution.”

Have you seen one? Used one? Hosted one?


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