Another man’s treasure

On Sunday our pastor used this “junk sculpture” by Tim Noble and Sue Webster as an illustration of things not always being what they seem: NobleWebster Pretty fun, right? Here’s what’s even more fun. Either he didn’t do his own research so he’s not familiar with Noble and Webster’s other work, or he didn’t count on parishioners googling the artists when they got home from church.



Noble and Webster taking a pee.

I’m sure he didn’t mean for me and the little Zirros to stumble across that. Or this: NobleWebsterRats

(Having a go at using the More Tag, in response to the Daily Post Weekly Challenge.)


6 thoughts on “Another man’s treasure”

  1. Love it! Likely figured no one was listening. But very awesome sculptures. Immensely creative. However, having a pastor brother, it may have been those strange scultptures that got him there in the first place šŸ˜›


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