Something beautiful

Everything BeautifulShe moved in straight lines, always smiling, a mechanical swan wrapped in blue cotton. In the mornings before work, she tied up her hair in a mirror. It was soft and always falling. She held bobby pins in her mouth, and then applied each one like a sentence she would never say. Her hair was dark red, as though perpetually ashamed.

It was an effort for her to talk, and so like many shy people, Rebecca found a face in the mirror and a voice that went with it. She used them like tools, to make sure it was tea that was desired and not coffee—or whether monsieur or madame might like another pillow. The real Rebecca lay beneath, smuggled on-board each flight inside her uniform, waiting for the moment to reveal herself.

But such a moment never happened, and her true self, by virtue of neglect, turned from the world and slipped away without anyone noticing.

— Simon Van Booy,
Everything Beautiful Began After

Something about Simon Van Booy’s writing makes me sigh… and want to throw my own manuscript in the trash.

2 thoughts on “Something beautiful”

  1. While meeting an author I was to show around our beautiful campus, there were a few traits which blew me away. One of my professors, when I spoke to him about this, told me, “He’s no smarter or better than you. He knew what he wanted and he took it through practice, hard work, and luck. You can do everything he did, and if you really want to, you can do it better.” So brush the banana peel off your manuscript and show your literary idol you can write better than he can 😉 I’ve loved what you’ve shown us so far.


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