A-Z of Equality: The United Hates of Anxiety

Children in Front of American FlagAll aboard—

black, brown, blue blood, blue

collar castoffs, crackheads. Crack

down on drunk, down on his luck, different, do-did-done, done in.

Everyone emancipated? Not even. Education equals elevation?

Forget it. Friends, foes— who knows? Forgotten, foreign. Faded, faceless,

guarded, graceless. Government approved ill-gotten goods.

Hated, hateful. Hurting, heartbroken. Hapless, helpless, hopeless.

Irrational, insanitized, institutionalized. Is this all there is? Inscrutable

justice. Just don’t look. Just joking. Jaded, jilted, off–

kilter. Kindness didn’t kill her— oh well, keep it on the down

low. LOL. Love lost, lesson learned, left alone, life goes on

marred, malevolent, a mandated masquerade. Move, make do,

Nothing new. Not coming home from non-jobs to no good neighborhoods.

On with the show. Old, overweight, outcast, outdated, out-

played. Paralyzed plasticized smiles, passionless, prelude to a

Quaalude, queer, querulous. Clearly

ridiculous. Restless, regretless, rules rendered un-

scrupulous, senseless. Stay away stranger

transgender danger! Who do you tax/tolerate/trust? He’s not like

us. Unwelcome, unknown, unfulfilled, unrequited, whose fault is it?

Vicious voices violate, victimize, with venomous verbal assault—

what do we do? Withdraw into a wheelchair accessible vault. Wait.

Xenophobia and Xanax for all! Medicate your hate.

YOLO, you young rich bitch, you can’t legislate

zip zero tolerance zilch.

Daily Prompt: Orderly

10 thoughts on “A-Z of Equality: The United Hates of Anxiety”

  1. Simply superb – one of the very best I’ve read of this particular prompt. It builds with a quiet momentum, I can’t even highlight specific parts because it is all so good. What I will say is the flow to each consecutive line is matchless, delicious and this rewards repeat readings resplendently – radical!


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