Stat page virgin

Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

This was my first look at these stats, and mostly it just confirms that you guys visit on days I post stuff, and don’t on days I don’t.  =*)

It also shows that the more I risk putting my heart out there, the more readers connect with it.

I tried to guess what my top 3 most-viewed posts would be and got them all wrong. But I like what they are; they represent what’s going on here pretty well! And they remind me to be brave about hitting “publish” when it feels a little too real.

These 3 had nearly identical numbers of page visits:

I can’t believe you believe that

Beat Sheet for a novel

Things that matter

The first and third— one about shifting spiritual beliefs, the other about filling our days and our blogs with meaningful things— were both responses to Daily Post prompts, so as a new blogger I get lots of love from co-DP-responders. Thanks, guys! I like reading your responses, too.

The Beat Sheet was a mash-up of Snyder’s Save the Cat! and Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not. It really helped me work out some story physics issues. It’s nice to know you found it useful. (Maybe it’s a sign I should post the rest of my STC! notes.)

How helpful is the stats page, really? Views go up as we go along, but these 3 weren’t the most liked or the most commented on, and I can’t figure out how to see those stats. Okay, I didn’t look that hard, but it’s because who cares. If I wanted a million hits, I’d have posted this little guy already:

穿“菇菇装”疗伤 日本小猫萌样超吸睛 组图
(Photo credit: 禁书网中国禁闻)

I’m here because I like being part of the WordPress community, learning new things, finding inspiration and motivation, reading and commenting on your stories, and connecting with fellow wordsmiths. Trying to be Miss Popularity and then counting up how many people love me ain’t my thing.

I’m the girl in the corner with her nose in a good book. If you come over, I’m happy to chat. If you like me, sweet. But I’m here because I like you.


9 thoughts on “Stat page virgin”

  1. I love looking at my stats! They don’t change the way I post things, but I’m fascinated by which countries people are from. I want to fill up the whole map!!!! I was quite excited to see that there are people (in countries where I don’t have friends) who are looking at my blog. I was thrilled to see that Pakistan and Trinidad and Tobago were represented. Also Ukraine, Slovakia and many more. So exciting! Even though I have no idea who they are, I feel that my circle of friends has widened somewhat.

    Also, the picture of the cat is amazing. 😀


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