Home Dream Poem

A thriving not just
surviving garden of roses
This heart-string tuggable
home for huggable
Records play,
dancers sway, rafters
ricochet with laughter.

The love-in kitchen, graciously appointed
with stainless reputations
and granite resolve
can solve
lemon dilemmas
and cherry pit tiffs for six
grateful mouths crowded
around the table meant for four
in the nook meant for two.

Spotless tub boasts bubble
bath parties by squeaky clean bubs
and rubber duck hosts.
Separate shower door
provides your gateway
to private romantic getaways.
Spacious closets brim
with memories and reveries
of school days and dressed up dates.

Children’s rooms
snuggle-fully accommodate
cuddly storytellers and their
stuffed brown bedfellows in
tumble down pillow fort beds
where sweet dreams
stream through peace-
ful slumber-down
comforted heads.

Unbreachable walls safely
reverberate with good vibes,
laden with smiling
faces in gilt frame embraces.
Grounded on a rock
solid foundation of trust,
This must-see is under
love lock and key
to my heart for maximum security.

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