Kindie Exploration Story


I FORGOT to submit my kindergarten story to Children’s Writer yesterday! Lesson: set an alert on the calendar if I’m going to take these deadlines seriously.

Since it’s not going to the mag, might as well post here. Feedback appreciated!



5 thoughts on “Kindie Exploration Story”

  1. LOVE IT!!! me and my phobia of bugs could never let me play under a porch :/ jajajaaa… I recently read somewhere about a writing contest, non-fiction, with a wonderful theme I could write something really good about…however, I didn’t do it for several reasons, 1.I lost the link, 2. I had no way of finding out if it was international, 3. it would be based on something that had recently happened to a person I know, so I started to worry about it being known that I had written about the incident and used it for a contest…that would have gotten me in HUGE trouble… anyway, I’m sorry you were not able to submit your lovely story đŸ˜¦ Alexandra


    1. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and I’m sure 100s of others all wrote about themselves and their friends. You’d be in good company if you chose to write the story! But I admire your scruples to value friendship over the contest =)


  2. I love it! Very cute đŸ™‚ I feel like the ending could use one more verse though. Something to just wrap it up a little nicer. But other than that, I love the repetition and the idea. Perfect for children đŸ™‚ Excellent work


    1. YES! Totally agree. I just couldn’t come up with it- something like “I’m glad there is no dragon/The bear fits in my wagon” but better. One couplet somewhere in the middle might have to go, in order to maintain the 28-line standard. I’ll keep thinking!


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