Cooking up my own Top 100

After posting yesterday about Top 100 book lists, I decided to make my own, based on this Timeline of Literary Periods.

Literary Periods Timeline

Here’s what I’ve got on my plate:

  • Smorgasbord. Read one book by each author highlighted on the Timeline of Literary Periods, getting a sense for each period and an overview of the literary buffet.
  • Go back for seconds. Read more by authors who resonated most. The Literature Network has a tempting prix fixe menu of articles on each historical literary era.
  • Binge. Pick a favorite author, time period, or genre and go nuts. Become a master chef expert on one thing, rather than trying to cover soup to nuts and doing a one star job of it.
  • Snack. Sample the big lists from The World Library, Time Magazine, coworkers, whomever. Nibble on the books or authors that keep popping up. (I’ve never read anything by Gabriel García Márquez? Gotta fix that.)
  • New recipes. Develop a taste for modern must-reads.

I’m hungry all of a sudden. Will post the list when it’s out of the oven!


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