Rainy day games

If you could cast your friends in a remake of a classic movie, who would play each role?

Maybe your neighbors with the house reminiscent of The Burrow are dead ringers for the Weasleys and you have a secret desire to role-play as Hermione. Or maybe your mother-in-law would make a great Jabba the Hut— but do you have what it takes to be Luke Skywalker?

A variation on the theme: decide which famous actor would play you if a movie were made about your life. I’d like Anne Hathaway to play me, please.

Anne Hathaway102_1094

Another variation: who would you cast to play the characters of a favorite book? I just read Dan Brown’s Inferno. Of course we’re all thinking Tom Hanks just is Robert Langdon. What about the other characters?

This is a very fun conversation starter, not just for rainy days but around the dinner table with the kids or at parties with friends. At my James Bond themed birthday party, I was amazed how like Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) my friend AmericanBookJunkie looked!

Hey, Punk– how do you feel about sporting Daniel Craig’s swimsuit this summer?


5 thoughts on “Rainy day games”

  1. I would probably choose Summer Glau to play me in the film of my life. And while I’m wishing, Andrew Garfield could play my husband.

    This was an interesting and thought provoking prompt. I’m glad that I got this sorted out in my life. 😀


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