The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

My writers’ group met today. It’s no secret I think we’re awesome! It’s such an eclectic group, and I love hearing everyone read what they are working on, and getting excited for them when it’s working. Today was especially fun, because for several of them it’s working REALLY well!

SatoriSatori Shakoor is in our group. She’s a stage performer so she’s not always able to make it, but today she came and was telling us all about The Moth Ball in New York, where she performed live storytelling a few weeks ago. She’s a great storyteller!

Here’s a link to a podcast of one of her pieces– 100% laugh-out-loud funny, and she has a way of tugging at your heart strings, too.

Satori Shakoor performs “Too Much” on The Moth.

If you’re in the Detroit area, Satori hosts The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, a live storytelling event held once a month at the Charles H Wright Museum. The next show is June 21.


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