Toy stories

ChineToyStoryHelp! I’ve been asked to write a Christmas story. Actually, a script for a church-sponsored women’s Advent event– a set of 5 monologues reflecting the themes of the 5 candles lit during Advent:

  • MalawiToyStorythe Prophecy candle (hope)
  • the Bethlehem candle (preparation)
  • the Shepherd candle (joy)
  • the Angel candle (love)
  • the Christ candle (Jesus)

I know, right?!? How excited are you right now?!?

A bit of background: last year I wrote “Women of the Christmas Story.”  5 women— Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin; Anna, the prophetess in the temple; a shepherd girl; the midwife; and the innkeeper— each monologued about the part they played in Jesus’ birth story. All speculative fiction, if you will, with details from the actual story as well as Bible verses and lines from Christmas carols woven throughout. It was a well-received little “play,” and I’ve been asked to do an encore.

AustraliaToyStoryThis year’s theme is “TOYS.”  I’m thinking of writing each piece from the perspective of an important historical figure, such as Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Joan of Arc… and having each one speak about a favorite toy from childhood. The final toy (for the Christ candle) would be something relatable to Jesus himself.

ThailandToyStoryEveryone knows the Christmas story, so this is not meant to be a boring retelling of the same old thing. I’ve got pretty much free rein. For example, last year’s Innkeeper was modeled after two Jewish Brooklynites I met while living in NYC. She thought Joseph was a real schlemiel. Her kvetching and “oy vey”-ing stole the show.


Punk has been NO help. He suggested Madonna. Seriously, what kind of toy would she talk about?!? He also threw out Madeleine Albright and Marilyn Monroe. So obviously he’s taking it very seriously. But it’s good to know he has a thing for ladies with “M” names.

Which 5 women would you want to hear speak? What 5 toys would they reminisce about— a doll, a car, Mr. Potato Head? How would you tie in the 5 candle themes?

*all photos from Gabriele Galimberti’s “Toy Stories: Children’s Favorite Toys Around the World”


4 thoughts on “Toy stories”

  1. Lise Meitner, Angela Heywood (look her up, I did my thesis about her..she was an interesting, but not so well-known kick ass chick), Eleanor Roosevelt, Catherine the Great, Simone de Beauvoir


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