The Annals of Eelin-Ok


I have been wondering what the name assigned to my home by the architects means. While Away — if only I could understand their symbols, I might understand more the point of my life. Yes, the point of life is to fish and work and make things and explore, but there are times, especially now since the red orb has been swallowed, that I suspect there is some secret reason for my being here. There are moments when I wish I knew and others when I couldn’t care less… Perhaps I think too much.
—Jeffrey Ford

The Annals of Eelin-Ok is one of those wistful stories that makes you appreciate life. I first discovered it in The Faery Reel. Read it again yesterday and it is as beautiful as I remember. It details the life and adventures of a Twilmish, Eelin-Ok, who waits centuries before deciding to be born. He finally discovers and inhabits a perfect sandcastle, and lives his entire existence in those few hours between the tides on a summer evening– not a long span of time for you or me, but to this rare faerie species it is a lifetime full of love, loss, friendship; work, adventure, and even danger.
It reads like a bedtime story, perfect to share with a special young friend after whiling away a memorable, meaningful day at the shore.

To understand the Twilmish, though, is to understand that in a mere moment, all can be saved or lost, an ingenious idea can be born, a kingdom can fall, love can grow, and life can discover its meaning.


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