Things that matter

My friend said this to me a few days ago:

Fill your day with things that matter.

It really stuck in my mind, and I’ve been asking myself what matters. What really matters?
Finding happiness in my relationships, nurturing good health, writing my book, teaching my kids, appreciating friends, acknowledging kindnesses, going on adventures, loving Punk (even when he’s a punk).

I am by no means a seasoned blogger so I should be asking for advice, not giving it. But here it is:

Fill your blog with things that matter.

Who are the people you want to spend today with? Write to them and about them. What do you love to do? Tell us about it. What are you dreaming of, or fighting for? Explain why it matters.

Don’t worry about stats. Your followers are there because YOU matter to them. Share what means the most to you. If we all focus on the good stuff, the great stuff, our days — and our blogs! — will be filled to overflowing with things that matter.


For more advice that matters, check out today’s Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway


19 thoughts on “Things that matter”

  1. “Fill your blog with things that matter.” I agree, even if at first it only matters to you, your writing voice, you special wording or way of expressing yourself will eventually find a kindred heart, a like-minded soul… While that happens, you are keeping a beautiful record of this moment in your life… 🙂 lovely advice, thanks, Alexandra


  2. Apparently the advice is to both fill your life and your blog with things that matter. So simple and so powerful. Yes! BTW this is my first visit to your blog – I am totally in love with your tagline. Thank you.


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