A couple of six packs

Tonight is my weekly 3 hour binge writing session. Punk and the kids will be gone, the house will be quiet, the beer will flow like wine… and I don’t have a clue what to write.

Finally in Is Life Like This?, I am directed to organize 6 key scenes:

  • opening
  • first plot point
  • midpoint
  • second plot point
  • climax
  • finale

Yay, right? It’s almost like outlining!

Except I feel like a kid who’s been told “you can go outside and play,” only to discover I’m allergic to grass. I just got out of jail, but there’s no one to pick me up and drive me away. I finally finished my chores and can go to the ball, but by the time I get there it’s last call and Prince Charming is soused.

DrunkPrinceWhew, glad I got those horrible metaphors out of the way.

Dufresne’s next suggestion is to add texture to the 6 scenes (which I haven’t even chosen yet because I’m so stinking confused about what the heck this novel is even about anymore).

By “adding texture,” he means to look at each scene and ask 6 questions:

  • what is it doing? advancing plot, revealing character, expressing theme, establishing tone, amplifying earlier images?
  • what event is happening?
  • what is “the controlling emotion”?
  • how is it structured? (the scene itself, or how it fits into the overall structure? IDK)
  • add setting details
  • where’s the tension? heighten it.

Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “A couple of six packs”

  1. Good luck on your writing adventure tonight! I can empathize with the struggle you’re having on figuring out what your story is about. My advice is to take a look at James Scott Bell’s LOCK system (http://www.writersdigest.com/qp7-migration-writers-digest-conference/wgf-plot-structure-excerpt).

    If your story was anything like mine a week ago, it was trying to do too much. It needed focus and mapping LOCK to a few sentences got me where I needed to be. After that, I was able to start crafting scenes that made sense.


    1. Wow, thanks so much for the link. I think you’re spot on about trying to do too much. I’ve got two or three novels’ worth of ideas; just need to figure out which ones go in this story and which to save for the next round. Thanks for your help!


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