Well shone, Moon

Come now; what masques, what dances shall we have,
To wear away this long age of three hours
Between our after-supper and bed-time?*

Paintingwithatwist2Last night I spent my creative hours not writing, but painting. Had an awesome time with friends, sangria, 80s hair band music, and hula hoops. And paint!

As Bob Ross used to say, “Every day’s a good day when you paint.”

Instead of happy little trees, we created “fluffy little flowers” (according to Marléne, our instructor).

A few weeks ago, the main character of my novel rekindled a love of painting as a way of finding meaning in her very messed up life. So this was an awesome opportunity to think about how she feels when she paints, what she thinks about, how she views herself. If I were a paid author, I could have written off my evening as research, because it gave me a lot of little details for the story: the texture of the canvas, the weight of the brush, the zen-like tranquility of mixing the paint into darker and darker shades of midnight…

If you have one of these art studios near you, I recommend giving it a shot. You don’t have to be very artistically inclined to have a great time. Obviously, my attempt is super amateurish! But I had a memorable evening with friends, and got a lovely souvenir to remember it by.


*”Well shone, Moon. Truly, the moon shines with a good grace.”
—A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare


3 thoughts on “Well shone, Moon”

  1. That’s your idea of amateur?! I am a bit jealous of the authors who can paint, sketch, draw, sculpt, etc. The most I’ve done so far is a stick figure comic on drinking too much. Very beautiful painting, though.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what made you come up with her painting to find meaning?


    1. It started with her doodling on a napkin in a restaurant, then sketching her son at the beach. Going further into the novel, she realizes she’s given all her time and energy to others and starts thinking what she’ll do to claim some of her life back, and decides to pull out the paints. Maybe mirroring my own attempts to “become a person” through writing.
      I’d like to see your comic- sounds fun!


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