Used Book Score

On vacation last week, we visited a couple of used bookstores, and I scored this for only $1.

IMG_3547 IMG_3545

Sweet deal! The dust jacket is so brittle, little bits of it flake off every time I touch it. But there are so many great stories and essays inside, many of which are new to me. They are arranged by country, and it’s interesting there are no Australian or African authors included.

I love the idea of authors choosing their own best work. Are there modern anthologies like this being published?

IMG_3544Maybe while you’re out this weekend, you might drop into a musty old bookstore and find yourself a treasure.

According to the receipt from Front Street Books, when you spend $1 at a small, locally owned business, 70¢ stays in your community; shop at a chain and your local friends see only 20¢ of it.

Even if all you’ve got is a quarter, you might still be lucky enough to find a Vend-a-poem machine, like I did, and feel great knowing 17.5¢ of it is helping keep that awesome shop in business.


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