Freaky Deaky High

Killer RideFun times ahead. If you liked Goosebumps or Fear Street as a kid, you’ll probably like T. D. Rizor’s new YA offering Killer RIde, which is available for free this weekend.

Dang, I already bought it! Be smart, save yourself $2.99 at Amazon, and get it while it’s free.

Ozley, 12 year old reading maniac and my eldest son, read Rizor’s middle grade offering Attic Juice last year and liked it so much he asked for the sequel for Christmas. (There is no sequel… yet. Come on, Rizor, give the fans what they want!)

Killer Ride is not a sequel, but the first in a series of 26 young adult novels Rizor has planned. The protagonist, Adam, is 16 years old. A little old for my kid, maybe, but other than a few naughty words (rated PG) there’s nothing off-color to dissuade even the most puritanical parents out there. Just a good, clean, scary fun ride.

Kind of reminds me of Stephen King’s Ride the Bullet.

Check out the sample chapter posted at T.D. Rizor’s website. Have a great weekend!


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