Backyard writer’s retreat

I’m surrounded.

Son #1 is jumping on the trampoline, shouting, “I did it! I touched the ceiling!” He probably has jelly on his hands. Son #2 is practicing his instrument. Again. Son #3 wants. He just wants. Cereal, my iPad, a different shirt, whatever. Every thirty seconds he dreams up something else to want. Dinky #4 is running through the house using a paper towel roll stuffed in an Ugg boot as a gun, shooting bad guys. The bad guys are not going quietly.

New neighbors are moving in across the street, and they evidently don’t have a dolly. So every box is being dragged, loudly, from truck to front door. It’s a pretty big truck, so this could go on for a while.

Punk has had the TV on for the past 7 hours. March Madness. And he wonders if I’m going to write anything today.




You know what I need? A backyard writer’s retreat.

I’ve been dreaming of one for a while now. Punk reckons we don’t have the space. Probably true- there’s about ten feet between the edge of the deck and the lot line.

But we could make this cute little thing work, couldn’t we?



Or what about this one? It’s so tiny! It’s almost utilitarian. Barely room for a desk and chair. I can do without the front porch. I’m not picky.

It almost inspires me to turn the linen closet into an office. We spoke about making it a sauna once upon a time.

float-wall-desk-xlGreat. Now that I’ve got my dream space, let’s do a bit of shopping to outfit the place.

First I’ll need some furniture. Here’s a great minimalist desk. I think I’d like two of these: one at normal desk height, the other at standing height.

Green chair



I’m probably going to need a comfier chair after a while. I think this one will do nicely. It’s low to the ground, perfect for stretching out my legs, and the high back will be nice to rest my head on when it’s time to stare at the ceiling for inspiration.

I wonder if it comes in robin’s egg blue?




Next I’ll need a really comfortable place to stretch out when I’m napping reading. Or doing research. At 68″ long, the lovely Roxy chaise from Greener Lifestyles would be perfect.

I may have to make some choices here, because not all of this furniture will fit into such a tiny backyard office space.


Yeah, we’re probably going to have to move.

Mink throw

But before we head to warmer climes, this mink throw in sapphire would come in handy to ward off the Michigan chill. And it’s a steal at $23,700 from an outrageous website called Billionaire Couture.

Okay, off the subject, but who would buy this, for real? You can dig a well for a village in Africa for less.

I wonder if I’ll ever make that much from writing novels? If I do, I think I’ll go with a faux throw from Macy’s. Nicer to the minks, nicer to my wallet, nicer to the world.


Sixtematic cabinet


Now, this is a must have fining cabinet. How many drawers is that?! It’s like one for each chapter!


And the nicest thing I can think of to hang above it is a cheerful painting by one of my favorite artists.

This one by Kim Parker is for sale. Doesn’t it just make you feel happy?




MIL tongue plantNow, just a few odds and ends to make it perfect.


Something green and alive to generate fresh oxygen. Hopefully unkillable, because I’ve got a black thumb.

Yeah, Mother-in-law’s tongue? That’ll never die.





And a fun Shakespearian coffee cup from CafePress.

Very inspirational.

Now I’ll know just what to say when the noise brigade comes knocking at my retreat’s door:

“Thou odiferous hasty-witted ratsbanes!”



4 thoughts on “Backyard writer’s retreat”

  1. What a cute idea for a post and an even better idea for some peace and quiet! The little retreats seem more like playhouses to me, so I’m not sure how much work I would get done 😉 I love the idea though — a space just for you and your writing. Brilliant.


  2. Great idea. I want to come and stay… can I, can I? You have great taste… although I have to admit I’m not really a mink throw kinda guy.

    I’m about to head off to a writing retreat for a few days – but when I’m done, I’m heading straight for your backyard!


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