I believe the man on the sidewalk is walking in time
To the beat of the song on my radio
And right turn lights on two cars at an intersection
Can blink in sync

I believe in the sixth sense of a three year old
And that no matter what your mouth says
That beard says you have something to hide
And he’s behind my skirt for good reason

I believe in an alternate family who lives in our house
Borrowing what I cannot find;
When no one’s on the other end of the line
The call must have been for them

I believe a perpetual motion machine can be built
Out of Legos by a five year old
And I believe I have a right to hit anyone who tells him
It’s impossible

I believe all books are holy and paper is sacred
And spelling is a magic spell
The answers are in there somewhere
And I am (not) scared to find out

I believe I can sing two notes at once
In harmony with myself if dissonant with the world
A song that deserves to be heard
And sometimes ice cream makes the best breakfast

I believe what I’ve lost was worth what I’ve gained
And even if that proves untrue I’ll be okay
I believe I can count to six or not
Oh, I almost forgot— I believe I can fly


11 thoughts on “I’mPossibility”

  1. I just want…no, I need to tell you how beautiful that was! I wish that I knew another person that believed like you do…like I do. Thank you. I think I shall save this for a long time and refer to it often. Where inside of you did that come from? I often get so totally intimidated when I read the writings of others. I think I should just save myself a lot of “angst” and stop now. But I can’t. You know how it goes, I’m sure. LOL!


    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment. You have a great voice– never be intimidated. The only impossibility is of there ever being anyone who can say what you have to say as well as you can say it.


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