A day in the life of Pi

I met Pi in the fourth grade. We were both kind of geeky. Most kids didn’t want to get to know us, but we got along well. Not that Pi and I hung around a lot outside of math class, but we liked each other. We were two infinitely misunderstood pegs trying to square with the world around us.

Pi was different from the others. He never seemed to mind that most kids lost interest in him after a few digits, but I think he appreciated my efforts to get to know him more fully.

pi number with 4000 digits

I discovered a few of his secrets: He was old– much older than me.

His star sign was Pisces, the final sign that brings the calendar full circle. Maybe that explains his fascination with piranhas and octopi.

His favorite books were Contact and Foucault’s Pendulum.

He had an irrational fear of forks.

Pi could go on and on forever. His circular logic often seemed kind of random, but that was just his roundabout way of trying to make sense of things. Who knows, maybe some day he’ll measure the immeasurable, and make sense of the seemingly infinite universe.

Happy Pi Day, my constant friend!


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