self-loather or self-promoter?

Just keeping it real, Week 8 in the novel writing program was horrible. (My fault, not John Dufresne’s.) I wrote very little that I liked. The story just didn’t want to get off the ground! But there’s no use crying over spilled ink, right? So instead of a weekly recap of the shame and misery, let’s daydream a bit.
Let’s pretend I wrote so much that the novel is done. Done! Edited, formatted, complete with a gorgeous book jacket photo I took myself, because I’m just that good. (Hush. This is my dream, I’ll tell it how I want.)

Do I self-publish?

How would I promote le novel extraordinaire?

NeilOstroffBookHave a look at this post on Neil Ostroff’s blog. He’s compiled a nice long list of websites where you can post excerpts from your novel/short story collection/whatever! I had heard of some of them (Scribd, Wattpad) but not all.




Ostroff seems to have this self-promotion stuff down. Much more helpful than the standard “get on Facebook and Twitter.”

Thanks, Neil! I’ll be there someday. Maybe not this week, but I’m not dropping out. =)


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