I write like… him?

I stumbled across a website the other day advertised on the sidebar of a blog of someone very cool. Or at least, she writes like someone very cool (if it’s you, please comment– I can’t find you now!). You all probably heard of it ages ago, but I’ve been in a cave for the past three years.

It’s called I write like.

Estrogenic Hormone Cream / Let me show you how...

Since no one immediately comes to mind when I think about whose writing style mine might be confused for, and considering this info might come in handy while writing a query letter someday, I plugged in a few samples to see who my literary soul mates were.

Sample #1: I write like William Gibson.

Sample #2: I write like William Shakespeare.

Sample #3: I write like David Foster Wallace.

Hmm. Cyber punk. Plays. Whatever the heck you call what David Foster Wallace writes.

A few things these guys have in common:

  • they are guys
  • they have a name that starts with a W
  • they’re pretty smart
  • they might be disturbed a bit different
  • they get lots of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon

So I’m a man, possibly a weirdo, and should think about changing my name to Williamina. Is my style really like theirs? (Did it just say William Gibson because I mention Punk?) I don’t know! I haven’t written any postmodern sci-fi plays in blank verse, so that makes me shy away from displaying a banner with any of their names in my sidebar. But it sure would be fun to join their ranks.

Who do you write like?

PS– the picture is Zemanta’s first choice. No idea why. I do not endorse hormone creams or anyone who goes by a name like Miss Midriff. I do hope I write like a college graduate.


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