First world problems at first light

I woke up this morning thinking about my main character. That’s a good thing, right?!

I’m going to put her through the stages of grief for some potential scenes. Nobody in the story has died (yet) but she’s suffered a pretty big blow and potential loss of an important relationship.

Here’s what’s on the 3×5 card so far:

  • shock/disbelief
  • denial- escape, lying to herself and to others
  • pain- both external and self-inflicted
  • guilt
  • anger- yelling, sarcasm, violence- what is she capable of?
  • bargaining
  • depression
  • reflection- pros and cons, what does she really want?
  • freedom- this could be her ticket out, but does she want the relationship to end?
  • moral dilemma- can she justify ending it?
  • selfishness- who else will be impacted?
  • loneliness
  • reconstructing the relationship- how will she change?
  • working through the plan- ups and downs
  • acceptance
  • hope
  • joy, mania- is she going crazy?

I’m going to need a second index card and lots of paper.

Incidentally, my second batch of thoughts: it looks like I will work up an appetite cleaning cute little raccoon prints off the porch, but will not be satiating hunger with curry stew. (I’ll probably give that cinnamon stick and bay leaf a miss.)



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