Tracking Submissions

IMG_3234It’s a snow day here at Casa Zirro, which means a house full of Punk and mini punks, wearing pajamas and scented marker mustaches, chasing each other and building forts, screaming like banshees, and asking for snacks every ten minutes that they’re not playing Minecraft.

It also means precious little writing going on.


Looking on the bright side, tomorrow is the first deadline for some of the mags/contests I wanted to submit to. Hopefully between shoveling and refereeing today, I will find time for some final editing and formatting, and get those bad boys submitted!

It occurred to me last night that I need to keep track of which stories I send out and where.

I’m one of those people who can’t find her glasses when they’re on top of her head. I routinely leave my coffee in the pantry, in the bathroom, at the dentist’s office.

As a child I often made it into one cardigan sleeve but not the other. I went to school more than once sans shoes.

Occasionally my husband will shake my hand and introduce himself. “Hi, I’m Punk,” he says, convinced I’ve forgotten even him.

You think I exaggerate, but shortly after my second son was born I left him in the church nursery and drove the other one home. I forgot I had two of them.

This is not to say that I have no memories at all. I will remember in excruciating detail every cruel, heartless, jabbing slight ever inflicted upon my sensitive artistic soul, and I will never forget a single word that I might possibly be able to use against you fifty years from now.

It’s just a joke, people. Lighten up.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, tracking submissions!

I found a list of details to keep track of (story, date submitted, payment— you mean we can get paid for this?!?) in this post from Writers Write. They recommend a Triple Tracking System, which seems simple enough to use. You number and date each submission to track who’s got it and how many times you’ve sent it out.

I didn’t see a printable version of their forms, so I made my own. Just the first one, because I think that’s all I need right now.

Here’s a PDF, in case you need one, too. =)
Submission Tracking

Now… where did I put my coffee?


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