Side Effects: master class?

Have you seen Side Effects?

I wanted to see this movie anyway, but now I’m doubly pumped because Larry Brooks, ‘the Storyfixer,” is offering a class. He’s going to be breaking down exactly why this screenplay is getting such great reviews.  A storytelling clinic!

Check out his post on Deconstructing Side Effects.

I hope I don’t spoil the movie for Punk, because I’m gonna take this seriously. No popcorn, no candy, no hand-holding. Just pen, paper, and scholarship. Sounds like a HOT date to me.

I’m a little scared to read Brooks’s follow-up post previewing the forthcoming deconstruction because he warns of spoilers. I’ll read it before heading out the door on my way to the theater =)

Right now I’m off to explore all the film-centric blogs highlighted in today’s Daily Post. It’s shaping up to be a watching (rather than writing) weekend. I can’t wait!


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