5 places to submit stories

If the story fits, you’ve got to submit. Here are a few places I’m hoping to send mine this month:

Daily doses of flash fiction up to 1000 words. I’ve read some great stories here over the past few years, but never submitted. It’s about time.
DUDE. I just found their Flash Markets page. Check out all the places you can submit flash!
Online magazine for all kinds of genres. Bonus: they have one of the fastest response times out there. Like 2 days fast. Instant rejection!
Contest for fiction and  nonfiction up to 5000 words.
They post all accepted submissions on their website and rely on social media “likes” to whittle down the list of finalists. Deadline 2.28.13.
These guys are just plain cool– they even accept comics– and the mag is only five bucks. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, they’re having a release party for their latest issue tomorrow, 2.18. Submit by 3.1.13 to get in the next one.
Holding this hefty magazine feels like the literary big leagues. I would be so full of myself to get published here. They’re reading for the WILD themed fall issue until 4.15.13.
. . .
If you’ve submitted to a particularly good magazine or website, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

8 thoughts on “5 places to submit stories”

  1. Pif Magazine (an e-zine) is another good one if you’re an up-and-coming writer. They encourage previously unpublished authors to submit short and/or flash stories.


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