Art about town

We saw this amazing jazz quartet play last night. The venue was a renovated Art Deco theater in a neighboring town that hosts live music, stage shows, comedy acts. And it was only $5.

Now I want to host a public reading! When the novel’s done and I can come up for air. I know some pretty cool writers and poets around here. Could be an awesome next project.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Get out there and support your fellow artists!


2 thoughts on “Art about town”

  1. live jazz is awesome! i actually just saw Jane Monheit live last night in Naples, FL—ever hear of her? I’m a singer/songwriter who’s enthusiastic about making good art and public speaking about the ideas that i find fascinating. i actually just started my video blog toward this end. your blog caught my eye because of the music and your plug for supporting local artists—my latest post was on the importance of open mic nights to the arts community and how we can support them. anyway, long live jazz and other live music! enjoyed your post! thanks


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