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Week 4. Building a town, creating characters based on family members, and generating trouble. That last bit’s tough, because I tend to avoid conflict, not create it. Why can’t we all just get along?
(Because it’s boring, that’s why.)
Although my novel’s people haven’t been front and center this week, they’ve still been on my mind, and they’ve taken me to a few more interesting online destinations.
Here’s a follow up to last week’s post on character building websites.
Superman had a day job. Your hero needs one, too. You also might find your own gig– there are tons of writing jobs here.
You volunteer. Do your characters? Browse charities by issue– cancer, animal rights, immigration, you name it– or search by city/state.
Name restaurants, gyms, beauty shops… Anyone up for a pint at Bub’s Pub & Grub?
Avoid over-utilization for the calculated interjection into your manuscription of plenitudinous synonymous usages and gratuitous hyperbolic embellishment.
Do use for naming stuff.
Look up sad and you might meet Mona Cryer from Lachryma Falls. (Okay, lame example, but do you really expect me to give away the good stuff?)

I avoid Fb like the plague. But there are some CHARACTERS out there, and they aren’t shy with details. Or pictures. “Man, are my hemorrhoids acting up today.”

facebook like button
facebook like button (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
Personality quizzes. Answer questions as your characters would. Challenging, but insightful.
Mine for today said, “Aquarius moon is aligned with Uranus.” Well, I’d be pretty anal retentive if it wasn’t.

Finally, check out When your character falls silent, these questions might get him talking again.


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