This is going nowhere

I slogged through the first two weeks of talking about myself, to say I followed the program to the letter, the whole time looking longingly toward the chapter on Weeks 3&4. I wanted to write about my characters! And now that I can, I can’t.
I started with my MC. She insists her name is Marnie. Seriously? In certain fonts it looks exactly like my name. She thinks she’s me. A horrible, sneering version of me with 80s hair and an acrylic sweater. The first full page of writing about her is nothing but an argument over why she thinks she can waltz into my novel and take my name and parade around as me. I’m done writing about me. Let’s move on.
Is this the drivel that has to come out before I can write the novel I want to write?
I decided to chat with a second character. A neighbor. She’s nice but boring; she needs to bust out, have an adventure. We’re so different, it’ll be a challenge getting to know her well enough to do her justice. She did show me the prom dress her mom made for her in 1975 and we had a good laugh.
Anyway, it’s nice to know she’s here, for when I need a break from “Marnie.”


One thought on “This is going nowhere”

  1. This sounds like exactly what I went through. At first, the character I wanted to write about was so much like me and then after awhile and “meeting” a whole bunch of characters, one finally popped up who was more interesting lol. Yay for you and moving on to a subject other than yourself…sort of 🙂


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