Five Faves: Screenplays

Last week’s writing assignment on five favorite novels was fun. We like to watch movies, so I thought it’d be entertaining to list five truly well written screenplays.

Product DetailsJoe vs. the Volcano

Hands down, my favorite movie of all time. The main character resonates with me. Even at the end, his glass is half empty. “Yeah! I’m alive! We’re saved! …But still…” Always the pessimist, but ultimately a hero.

The writing is superb. I have no idea why Sleepless in Seattle got raves for the chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan when they barely had a scene together. If you want to see the magic between these two actors, watch this.

Critics, reviews, Grammy nominations and Rotten Tomatoes score be hanged, this is THE BEST movie ever. I’ve double checked about fifty times just to make sure.

Product DetailsHot Fuzz

Simon Pegg at his best. The writing is funny. You probably have to be English to understand it all (“Cornetto?”) but my five month stint in London proved more than adequate to enable me to enjoy this flick and then some. I don’t think I even caught all there is to catch the first time around, and that is something that always brings me back. Their other movies are fun, but nothing tops Hot Fuzz.

Product DetailsInception

At the end of this one, I was like, “Hang on! I’ve got to see that again.” I’ve seen it three times, and I’m still not sure which layer is reality. Amazing storytelling. FYI, I’m not the president of Leonardo DiCaprio’s fan club or anything, but IMHO this is his best performance since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Product DetailsIn the Loop

Another British comedy, this time with political leanings. Smart dialogue, American caricatures that were actually spot on, and pithy lines that Punk and I are still quoting to each other a year later.

Product DetailsThe Prestige

Speaking of Punk (that’s my husband), his opinion is that no Top Five would be complete without Christopher Nolan. He is a brilliant director, so I nominate The Prestige. A (sometimes creepy) tale of a magician who performs the ultimate illusion. Tesla makes an appearance– historical fiction, on film. Another one that has you backtracking as soon as the end credits roll.

My brother preferred The Illusionist. Watch them both; which do you like best?


4 thoughts on “Five Faves: Screenplays”

  1. It’s nice to meet another admirer of Joe versus The Volcano, this wonderful, story-bookish fable is easily my pick of the three Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies.
    Long live The Waiponee!

    P.S. You probably won’t have heard of it but my favorite screenplay is Flesh and Bone from 1993.


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